Economy Of Trust
Worldwide cross-border p2p loans ecosystem.
Any assets, interest rates and collateral.
Empowering trust-based communities.

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Economy Of Trust
Our Mission:
Create global community with high level of mutual trust
  • Create a powerful impulse for entrepreneurship
    Today SME's creating up to 90% working places among all private companies. Wherein, 90% of business-loans issued to large corporations. Karma solves the capital accessibility issue for SME.
  • Distribute capitals evenly across the world
    Some countries have deposit interest rates as small as -0.75% or 0.1%, and loan interest rates starting just from 1%. More than 3 billion people live in countries with loan interest rates as high as 20-30%.
  • Create opportunity for direct resources interchange
    Karma is an ecosystem.
    All participants work directly with each other. People can create lots of different types of relationships, and can decide for themselves which ones are effective and which are not.
What Is Karma?
Global decentralized blockchain-platform, where people and companies
can lend money directly to each other
Karma Features
10 Key Points
  • Decentralized Roles

    At Karma ecosystem anyone can play any role: involve new members, escrow, transaction transport, analytics, scoring, underwriting, insurance, currency exchange hedging, lawyers etc. Each community member earns money and reputation for useful actions: involving new investor or good borrower, hi-quality scoring, asset management, analytics, insurance etc.

  • Decentralized Interchange Rules

    At Karma investors give their money directly to borrowers. Community members can offer any loan conditions: with collateral or without it, with interest rate or without it, with mandatory repayment or without it. Open market and high number of bids will speed up the evolution. People will choose the best types of relationships for different situations by themselves.

  • Decentralized Location

    Effective SME owner from Latin America can attract money from Swiss investor, who has a negative deposit interest rate in his country. The ecosystem of thousands of hedge funds and currency exchange risk insurers will be in a competition to create the best option for risk minimization. Local lawyers provide correct e-contracts. Local agents provide debt recovery.

  • Different Types of Collateral

    Cryptocurrencies and tokens, via bitShares technology. Real Estate. There's already an API in Russia, Sweden, Saudi Arabia and Ukraine and there'll be more. Goods and services. Automatic p2p-factoring is already exist. Gold and other digitalized assets: Digix, ChronoBank, BankEx. Every debt is transferable and splittable.Loan can be provided in fiat currencies via banking API and automatic payment commentaries analysis. After the statistics accumulation: loans issued in internal Karma tokens. A huge step to barter direct interchange economy.

  • Decentralized Data and App

    Due to blockchain technology Karma doesn't rely on single server or hosting provider, and can provide sustainable service. The data is securely stored in a decentralized network. Karma app is decentralized too and executes in different servers. Anyone can connect the server to the Karma delegates' network and earn money storing and processing data.

  • Total

    All interaction processes in the ecosystem are automated as much as possible and don't require a physical presence: electronic loan and surety contracts, reassignment of obligations, collective claims, collateral registration and release, currency exchange risk insurance. Loan approval time is as low as possible, and the loan itself is easy-to-use for borrowers: semi-automated scoring, one escrow account for bulk repayments for all investors, payment auto-split to multiple investors via smart-contract.

  • Smart

    Automated scoring: Big Data, Machine learning. Scoring based on reputation accumulated after several successfully completed contracts. Social networks attached, online commercial data attached (Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, Ali, Spark). API for external scoring algorithms. Regular online re-scoring: control over actual borrowers' KPIs. Lots of hackathons for developing new scoring algorhytms. Social-responsible ecological scoring: If someone haven't passed the scoring at traditional bank, he's just get refused. In Karma he gets the tips on how to grow his score, he also gets the mentors list and special education courses.

  • Mutual

    Each participant of the transaction commits with his money and reputation. We create strong community based on mutual responsibility. If somebody fulfilled the obligation, his Karma is growing up. If he failed —it goes down. Also, Karma changes for everyone involved in contract: who brought the borrower into the ecosystem, who sureted for him, who scored his quote as positive.

  • Business

    Powerful tool for ecosystem growth. Goods and services manufacturers can easily involve their loyal customers as an investors in the growth of their business. If someone loves the goods they can crowdfund the manufacturer. Karma itself is not only a financial market. It creates opportunities to promote manufacturers worldwide, involve new distributors, and move to the new markets.

  • Loans For Future Delivery

    One can sell his goods or services today and deliver them later. It's like a forward contract, for example: to crowdfund real estate construction at the early stages (day-usage-tokens instead of square meters), agricultural businesses to crowdfund their harvesting (potato-tokens), for air tickets or tours presales. Profitable for investors: significant discounts, or re-selling tokens at the exchange for profit. Profitable for manufacturers: make money today, make turnover faster, promote his own goods and services, payments with his own goods and services. This is a foundation for the barter economy like Swiss WIR.

Alpha-version of the blockchain platform will be available for private test at November.
aplha version
Get a loan or allocate your money
Aplha version of the Karma App provides p2p-lending in two types of the loan:
1. Crypto-pawnshop. Get USD for BTC/ETH collateral.
2. SMEs zero collateral loans.
Token Sale Terms
Target on crowdsale:
$ 10,000,000
Soft cap:
$ 5,000,000
Total token supply:
3,000,000,000 KRM
Token type:
Purchase methods accepted:
for presale and token
sale participants
future bounties reserve
founders, 1-year vesting
discount until first 1M raised
until 3M raised
until 8M raised
100% legal application tokens as a license. KYC for every token buyer to comply AML and CTF. Whitelisting until 26 November.
Working Profitable Business
We have working p2p-fund for SME loans since 2014. Started from scratch, raised to 5M USD
17 August
Early bird presale
Presale successfully finished. 500k USD raised.
25-26 November
White List Sale
Closed sale only for those who passed the KYC and got into the White List.
23-31 December
Token Distribution
We will send the tokens directly to all participants.
The Team
10−15 years of experience in finance and IT. Public persons, sharing the ideas with community, we value our reputation.
  • george
    George Goognin
    Founder, Evangelist
    Ph.D in Economy Math Models. Vice chairman of the Russian Parliament Blockchain Experts Chamber. IT-career since 2002, first IT-startup made in 2008. Ex-Chief Operating Officer in ADV web-integrator, TOP3 in Russia. Clients: MOEX, VTB, X5 Retail, Apple, Samsung, LEGO, Nike. Co-founder of digital business school RIK, over 1000 students teached.
  • laptev
    Artem Laptev
    Founder, Investment director
    Since 2010 has managed private p2p-investment fund for SME.
    Developed own scoring strategy with stable and positive results More than 10 years of experience in portfolio management in financial industry: Troika Dialog, Sberbank, Ancor Invest. International CFA-certified financial analyst.
  • Boesing
    Ronny Boesing
    Partner, Denmark
    Founder of the World's First Decentralized Fintech Exchange OpenLedger and OBITS. Official partner to multiple funds and exchanges in China. With his partner, Dan Larimer, Ronny is constantly developing the Graphene/BitShares ecosystem. Open Ledger is also a significant player at the global ICO promotion market.
  • shlemov
    Michael Shlemov
    UBS, Executive Director of the analytics department. More than 10 years of experience in finance. At Deutsche Bank managed the VTB IPO. In 2008 took part in the MOEX IPO. Has been recognized several times in a row as the best industry expert in Russia (Institutional Investor). Ranked among the TOP-3 analysts in financial sector by Extel Russia.
  • tomoaki
    Tomoaki Sato
    Advisor. Starbase, Japan
    Blockchain developer, founder of the Starbase project. In collaboration with Bitcoin Suisse Tomoaki san is creating a platform for crowdsourcing and fundraising the innovative startups all over the world. Prior to this he worked a lot to create a islamap: map application for muslims in muslim minority regions in Japan.
  • stephane
    Stephane Konan
    Managed a large department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Africa, spear-headed all cyber-criminality investigations, forensic analysis, and the screening of individuals and organizations. Developed official partnerships with the international intelligence community. Founded and managed the main defense and homeland security event on the African continent.
  • Svinarchuk
    Dan Svinarchuk
    Fintech advisor
    Software Engineer, C/C++ developer. Architect of IT infrastructure. Highly qualified expert for high loads and parallel computing. Market data expert.
  • Itireleng
    Alakanani Itireleng
    Partner in Africa
    PR Director at Humaniq. Runs SatoshiCentre, a blockchain hub in Africa, launching educational programs for children. Her journey with bitcoin started at 2012, and she is an international bitcoin influencer, having spoken at conferences in Europe, Asia and Africa.
  • Rustem Zubairov
    Consulting partner
    Rustem is a head of department one of BIG4 company, took part in projects dedicated to the development of the crypto economics: cryptocurrency legalization in Kazakhstan or the first blockchain-based corporate deal in Russia between S7 Airlines and Alfa Bank.
  • vakhitov
    Alex Chinyaev
    Business partner, UK
    Deputy Head of Department at GL Finance group. Expert in big family offices asset management. Worked at Citi bank, RBC, PWC London. More than 15 years of investments and financial operations experience. Alex have UK Investment Management IMC certificate.
  • asare
    Philip Agyei Asare
    Partner in Ghana, Africa
    Played a key role in the development of bitcoin awareness in Africa. Created several blockchain projects: Pak Universal Services, Dream Bitcoin Foundation and BTC Ghana. Philip is a libertarian, he wants to empower Ghana and Africa in general, by spreading the blockchain technology.
  • Schnellereich
    Dima Schnellereich
    Blockchain advisor
    Expert in GR, B2B-sales, marketing, and partnership networks. Business lobbyist. Managed more than 20 IT-startups market launch from scratch: e-commerce, p2p-services, geolocation services and social networks. Ex-advisor in President Putin's Administration.
  • bah
    Thierno Madiou Bah
    Partner in Sierra Leone, Africa
    Telecommunications engineer, young entrepreneur, passionate about blockchain technology. Chief Technology Officer (CTO) & Cofounder at Sierra Leone Bitcoin Network. Founder of the OnlinePromo: an online marketing platform for African SMEs promotion.
  • kornilov
    Tarlan Kornilov
    Law partner, Cyprus
    Founder of the Elite Consulting law company. Specialisation: capital hedging, international financial deals, organisation of international corporate collaboration. Has an LLM Cambridge University degree, Strategic Negotiations Yale School of Management certificate
  • myshinsky
    Yuri Myshinsky
    Fund Relationships Executive
    Ex Director of the Government Development Corporation of the Chuvash Republic. Expertised in fundraising dozens of millions of dollars for the infrastructure, financial and IT-projects. 15 years of experience in Business Consulting, fintech, fund and government relationships.
  • boev
    Evgeny Boev
    GR partner
    Executive manager at the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs committee on International Partnership. 6 years at Central Bank of Russia, illegal money traffic monitoring. More than a 10 years of GR experience in project finance and public communications.
  • denisov
    Sergey Denisov
    Chief Business Developer Officer
    Co-founded 12 companies and startups in the U.S. including food tech, AI, logistics, animation, retail industries. In close contact with numerous startups on different stages, top accelerators and funds in Silicon Valley. One of the active leaders of Russian-speaking entrepreneurs movement in the U.S.
  • onotole
    Onotole Vassermane
    Graphene Lab
    World's First Decentralized Blockchain Chief Technical Officer. People say he's not a single person, but a decentralized blockchain developers cluster. Took part in launching several Graphene-based projects: RuDEX (crypto exchange), Peerplays (betting) and Golos (social network).
  • moscow
    Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Moscow
    Key Russian event in the blockchain and crypto industry, gathering major Russian and foreign experts for the sixth time. Conference is dedicated to blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and new type of investment – ICO. Two discussion sections: “Financial segment” – blockchain in Fintech and Govtech. ICO from the investors’ and organizers’ perspective. The second is “Development” – technical side of blockchain. Smart contracts and peculiarities of development on various blockchain platforms.
  • china
    Global Fintech&Blockchain Summit
    Inaugural Global Fintech&Blockchain China Summit 2017 will be held in Shanghai on October 26th, which is consisting a concurrent small exhibition, more than 800 delegates from government, associations, research institutes, banks, securities and futures firms, insurance companies, funds, internet-based financing, supply chain financing, consumer financing, P2P, distributed ledger and blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, big data and computer clouding, mobile and cross border payment, credit investigation, risk control will attend the event.
  • world
    Blockchain Expo North America
    Blockchain Expo will be arriving in the Santa Clara Convention Center on November 29-30 2017, bringing together 3000+ people across key industries for two days of world-class content from leading brands embracing and developing cutting edge blockchain technologies. Co-located with IoT Tech Expo and AI Expo which attract in excess of 7,000 attendees, Blockchain Expo will showcase the latest developments in the Blockchain arena, in both emerging and more established markets.
  • World's First Decentralized Exchange. The OpenLedger ecosystem includes advertising, trading, blockchain talent, and ICO marketing subsidiaries. Official partner of ViewFin Capital. PR & Marketing partner for the Karma token sale. Also, the token sale will take place directly at their exchange.
  • Karma blockchain is based on Graphene and BitShares technology stack. That's one of the most powerful blockchains: 100,000 transactions per second and 0.02 USD per transaction. The dPoS (delegated proof of stake) consensus is used for effective decentralized governance.
  • Our blockchain dev team is based on the Graphene Lab, the Graphene evangelists and developers, creators of the Bitshares RuDex exchange, Golos and Peerplays. They are the leading Graphene dev team in CIS, constantly contributing to the blockchain community with free articles and code.
  • Our innovative scoring partner. Their goal is to help 2 billion people worldwide, who still lack access to financial services. 1st Pioneer Blockchain Credit Bureau as well as a Transparent Social and Green Microfinance company. Their key point is scoring, based on smartphone usage behavior.
  • High Invest Score
  • Medium Hype Score
  • Medium Risk Score
A worldwide p2p-cooperative. The idea is to give people from low interest rates countries the opportunity to invest in entrepreneurs from countries with huge rates.
An ecosystem where members can create an endless variety of different relationships: from a pawnshop short-term loan to an interest-free unsecured loans.
The mutual lending market in the US and EU is growing by more than 100% per year, according to Morgan Stanley. SMEs credit lack is more than 2 trillions of USDs.
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